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Brett Victor’s Future of Computer Programming

Brought to our attention from Guzdial’s wonderful¬†Computing Education Blog.¬† Victor just published informative sources for his talk.

In 1972-1973, I tried to teach myself PL/I, programmed in IBM 1130 and 360 Fortran for money from professors, wrote in IBM 1130 assembly language an IBM 1620 cross-assembler, renovated an IBM 1620 by bypassing broken core memory addressing lines and then removing and faking memory parity checking (having studied its circuit diagrams from the individual transistor level up), took a grad. course in Mathematical Logic taught by Ian Filotti at the Courant Institute while auditing Jack Schwartz’s course on compilers, got lectured on Multics by Bernie Greenberg, graduated with a physics major, entered the maw of MIT, 0-ed the Putnam and aced GRE subject tests, etc.