Gnu i8068 assembly language program with a relocation

Here is code directly from header.S:

BOOTSEG		= 0x07C0		/* original address of boot-sector */
SYSSEG		= 0x1000		/* historical load address >> 4 */


	.section ".bstext", "ax"

	.global bootsect_start
	# Normalize the start address
	ljmp	$BOOTSEG, $start2

	movw	%cs, %ax
	movw	%ax, %ds

objdump was commanded to disassemble header.o with options set to

  1. Interpret the code as if it were executing in an i8086 computer (real, 16-bit mode).
  2. Show relocation records right under the machine code that each record patches.
  3. Print the source code

Here is the objdump command and its output captured by the script program:

Script started on Sat 10 Aug 2013 08:42:30 PM EDT
seth@knowledge:/sda15/GIT/linux/arch/x86/boot$ objdump -Mi8086 --disassemble --reloc --source header.o

header.o:     file format elf32-i386

Disassembly of section .bstext:

00000000 <bootsect_start>:
	.byte 0x4d
	.byte 0x5a

	# Normalize the start address
	ljmp	$BOOTSEG, $start2
   0:	ea 05 00 c0 07       	ljmp   $0x7c0,$0x5
			1: R_386_16	.bstext

00000005 <start2>:

	movw	%cs, %ax
   5:	8c c8                	mov    %cs,%ax



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